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My purpose in writing the book is to resurrect a small part of history on the Gravenhurst Police Department and to remember and recognize those officers who swore an oath to serve and protect the citizens of the Village, and later the Town of Gravenhurst.  Little history has been recorded on the dissolved Gravenhurst Police Department.  Official town history books are mute on this subject and historical records have unfortunately been destroyed or lost over time.  

I am happy to report that my book has now been released.  Copies of this 117 page  8.5" X 11" landscaped book are available at the Muskoka Steamships and Discovery Centre  275 Steamship Bay Road Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1Z9 (The Wharf).  Or you may order your copy today using the CONTACT tab or by emailing The book is printed in black and white with a coloured covered.   The book is $19.99 per copy + shipping.        

Unfortunately, my attempt to make the book so it could be downloaded has failed.   I can no longer outlay any more money to that part of the project.

A sequel may be written after more information is received and verified.  If anyone can provide the writer with any further information, pictures, or police memorabilia (patches, badges, uniforms or other   equipment) about the Gravenhurst Police Department please contact me at   I am a member of the Canadian Police Insignia Collectors Association. This book is also a historical record of the uniforms, patches, and badges of the Gravenhurst Police.   

The book, website and publishing costs have all been incurred by the author.   No funding has been provided by any other person, Corporation or government agency.


Police Chief Archy SLOAN

Chief Sloan served 25 years with the Gravenhurst Police Department from 1888 - 1914.   Read about a murder that took place in Gravenhurst with the suspect being arrested in New York State.  The murder investigation received international attention from the Uttica Globe and the Toronto Star.  The murderer was found guilty and was the first of two men hung in Bracebridge, Ontario.


Meet the Officers Who Served and Protected Gravenhurst

An index of Chiefs of Police and officers has been compiled in order of their first year of service.    Meet the officers who served and protected Gravenhurst  in conditions where their different offices and jail were condemned by the Grand Jury.    

Read about the Departments Community Services projects and the officers who volunteered their time.  Continue to read about the conflict over the officer's salaries and the resignation of three Councillors at one meeting.

There is also a chapter on,"Would You Wear The Blue".  Frightening stories involving your community and your officers.



Gravenhurst Police Cruisers

Check out all of the cruisers that the GPD used starting with their first ride a 1957 Chevrolet.    Read about their communications network and how it evolved.    


Gravenhurst Police Militaria

Read and view the uniforms, patches and badges worn by the Gravenhurst Police Department over the years.